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Shiraz Indian Restaurant

Shiraz Indian Restaurant

Shiraz Indian Restaurant

Shiraz Indian Restaurant was the first truly successful Indian restaurant established in Whangarei. We have pleasure in bringing you the finest ethnic cuisine which evokes nostalgia of a glorious bygone era!

Jaswant Singh and his team bring you the spicy, tantilising taste of India with a menu large and diverse enough for you to return again and again without ever tasting the same dish twice!

You choose the degree of spiciness whenh you order either at the restaurant or for your home delivery.whan

Traditional dishes from the best of authentic Mughlai and North Indian cuisine are there to tempt you, whether they be chicken, lamb, beef, seafood or one of many vegetarian dishes.

Don't be concerned if you don't think you can cope with a hot, spicey curry as mild curries are available for those with a more sensitive palate. If you're feeling brave, try a hot Beef Vindalloo!

As well as a huge range of curries, Shiraz offers a large selection of Indian breads and entrees to round out your meal. And after your meal perhaps a bowl of mango ice-cream would be nice to finish?

Bookings are not essential but it is a good idea to call in advance as some nights are busier than others.
SHIRAZ is a lisenced restaurant and has an excellent range of wines, NZ & Indian beers.
SHIRAZ can be found in; Whangarei, Kamo and Dargaville.


5 Reasons why you’ll have a great time at Shirazdarg

You’ll have delicious freshly prepared chicken, lamb, beef, seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Your meal is prepared with the finest fresh locally sourced vegetables and dairy products.

Awarded A+ Merit food licence for food safety, cleanliness & training programmes.

Have a family friendly restaurant and children’s menu.


Guaranteed you’ll leave satisfied... simple.


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Dargaville Shiraz Branch
17 Hokianga Road
ph: 09-439 0024

Trading hours
 Lunch: Mon to Sat 10:30am-3pm
 Dinner: 7 Days 4.30pm to 10pm


Kamo Shiraz Branch
571 Kamo Road
ph/fax: 09-435 5222

Trading hours 
Lunch 11am-3pm, 
Dinner 7 days 4.30pm to 10pm


Whangarei Shiraz Branch
58 Walton Street
ph/fax: 09-438 3112

Trading hours
 Lunch: 7 Days 11am-3pm
 Dinner: 7 Days 4.30pm to 10 pm